Couples Costumes: Disney Duos

I’ve compiled a list of the six best Disney duo costumes for you and your SO just in time for Halloween. Hey, you might even be going to a couple of different parties so feel free to try more than one of these cute costumes. Maybe even try a crossover or a mashup?

Let’s get down to business… *

1. Rapunzel and Flynn Rider

This costume had a dream to take the number one spot on my Disney duo couples costume list this year. Since my fiancé and I just pulled off this look for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party I thought it deserved a place of honor as well. Not only are Rapunzel and Flynn totally adorable, the costume is not very complicated and a few small touches go a long way.

Check out the full blog post here.

2. Woody and Buzz

When rivals become the best of friends it make my heart soar to infinity and beyond. Slap on some cowboy boots (be sure to check for snakes first) and practice your art skills by painting a space suit with wings on a cardboard box. You’re sure to be a crowd favorite!

3. Sully and Boo

Monsters Inc is one of my all time favorite Disney movies. I may or may not own and squeeze into a youth XL sully sweatshirt with little horns on the hoodie. Who could resist snuggling up to that gentle giant? Can you cut circles out of construction paper or felt? How about use a hot glue gun? Find yourself a teal shirt and you’re in business. Boo just needs an oversized pink t-shirt and some low pig tails. Bam. No store bought costume needed. Now put that thing back where it came from or so help me and make your own costume!

4. Max and Roxanne

How cute and easy is this costume inspired by A Goofy Movie? Anthropomorphized dogs? Rockin’ music? Underdog gets the girl? This one checks all the boxes. Get your 90s on! Bring this costume up to your partner and I’m sure you’ll both see I2I.

5. Remy and Linguini

Just wear some ears and you’re a mouse. Duh! Chef coat and hat and you’re all set. Practice some French phrases and voila!

6. Ralph and Venellope

Aren’t these costumes the sweetest? Ralph: green shirt, then red shirt, then overalls. You don’t even have to find socks or shoes or brush your hair! Say some quintessential Ralph things like “I’m gonna wreck it” and you are golden. The important look for Venellope is the hair. Make some little barrettes out of colorful buttons you have lying around our get a variety pack at a dollar store or Michael’s. If you cant find leggings with stripes, put some headbands around your thighs and call it a day. Who doesn’t have a cozy hoodie lying around? If not, don’t feel bad about buying this item since it’s fall and you know you are going to be using it a lot this season anyway.

Thanks for checking out my top six Disney duo couples costumes! Now get your costume together and be the adorable couple I know you are.

Happy Fall Y’all!

*If you didn’t finish that line with “to defeat the Huns” I don’t know you at all.

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