Halloween Couples Costumes: Tangled

Are you ready for Halloween?

I found out rather last minute that we were going to attend attend Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party last week so I had to come up with a cute, Disney themed, couples costume that I could pull together quickly.

When I saw Rapunzel and Flynn Rider I knew it was the perfect costume choice for us.

I, of course, scoured Pinterest and I came across several other cute options as well and will list them in another post. However, if you need any more convincing as to why Rapunzel and Flynn are the best Disney couple click here.

Totes adorbs!

Only have a few hours? Here is what you need to make your own costumes. No sewing required.

Flynn Rider


Long sleeve white button up

Leather boots

Leather belt

Leather satchel (or purse)

Small leather bag

Jean shirt/ Jacket/ Vest

Optional: crown and/or wanted poster, practice the “smolder”

Tools: Scissors, Pins, Hot Glue Gun

We didn’t have the jean shirt, leather bags or belt lying around so we ran to Ross and Target for those, but ideally you have most items lying around. If you have a good thrift store near you, definitely try there first.

We literally bought this jean shirt at like 4pm, ran home, Kyle tried it on, I pinned the sleeves how I wanted, cut the rest of the sleeves off, hot glued the hem and we left the house for the party by 6pm. You can do this.

Styling tips:

Roll up the white shirt sleeves just above the elbows. Tuck pants into boots. If you have a crown and/or wanted poster, put them into the satchel, but let them peak out for added character depth. Also, a goatee helps complete the look.

My Flynn Rider


A purple and pink dress/ shirt/skirt combo

Fake flowers

Bobby pins and/or hair ties

A blond wig if you have short hair or (spoiler alert) you could go for that short hair look she rocks at the end of the movie

Light pink shoes (or for home parties you can go barefoot)

Optional: Pascal and a frying pan

Tools: Hot Glue Gun

I had a pink tutu from my birthday cake smash photo shoot a couple weeks ago. You can wear any pink or purple shirt or dress you would like. Her main color is purple so just keep that in mind.

I bought a bunch of fake flowers from the Dollar Tree and took the blooms off the stems. Then I hot glued them individually to hair ties and bobby pins. Note: I tried using those metal bendy snap clips, but the glue and flowers all ended up falling off. When I attached them to the bobby pins, I used a lot of hot glue on the underside of of the flower and laid the bobby pin into it.

Styling tips: Braid your hair, or wig, off to one side. Style with flowers. The more flowers the better. I even added a flower crown I got from the Renn Fair like 10 years ago.

Me as Rapunzel

Want to make my adorable “Best day ever” shirt? Click here.

Keep scrolling for more adorable pictures of Kyle and I at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. We received so many compliments!

Working on our smolder

How do you think our costumes turned out? Leave a comment letting me know who/what you are going to be this year. I can’t wait to see all of your costume pictures!

Happy Fall Y’all!

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