Best Day Ever Disneybounding T-shirt

Halloween is right around the corner, but you can wear this shirt every day of the year!

I chose this Tangled inspired phrase for a perfectly adorable couples costume with my fiancé. Check out how to transform into Flynn Rider and Rapunzel here.

I love living so close to Disney World. Since I get to visit this magical place whenever I want I no longer like to dress as a typical tourist, but instead add a little Disney magic. Full on costumes are out of the question on a regular day at the park to stay within Disney’s guidelines. So Disneybounding is the perfect solution! You can do this too! Just wear clothing inspired by your favorite characters, even the most obscure ones. Don’t forget to add unique touches to wow your fellow park goers.

If you want to make a shirt like mine you will need:

Cricut Design Space and a Cricut Explore or similar machine

Glitter HTV (heat transfer vinyl)

Plain purple or pink T-shirt or tank top

Best day ever image

Helpful tools: Cricut BrightPad, Cricut EasyPress

The shirt says “Best day ever” with six suns around it. I uploaded an image of the text I found into design space and added the suns around it.

Download the above image and upload it into Design Space. You will need to remove the black background by saving as a basic image and clicking the black sections of the picture, especially inside the letters and then save it as a cut file. I resized and mirrored the image (very important for HTV!) and cut it out on a custom dial setting for glitter vinyl.

I made my T-shirt using heat transfer vinyl I cut out with my Cricut Explore Air and attached with my Cricut EasyPress.

I was using a new blade, and it actually cut all the way through the transfer sheet in a few spots, but it worked out ok. Then, came the more tedious process of wedding the vinyl. It took less than an hour thanks to the help of my Cricut BrightPad. I then used my Cricut EasyPress and fused it onto my purple shirt. (Don’t forget to check the included EasyPress guide for temp and duration.) If you don’t have an EasyPress or heat press, you can use an iron, but you wan to be very carful because there is not an even distribution of heat and you will need to move the iron multiple times. You will also want to consider putting a pillowcase or teflon sheet over your vinyl when heating it.

I love how my t-shirt turned out and I plan on wearing it to Disney on a regular basis with jeans and/or shorts.

To see how to complete this Rapunzel and Flynn Rider Disney couples costume in no time click here.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have the best day ever!

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