Pretty Purple Vinyl Decals

Hey there, thanks for stopping by! (And if you came back I think I fixed most of the bugs from when I posted earlier today.)

I’m sure you’ve seen those decals on cars depicting stick figures, business logos or the “salt life” motto. You also may have noticed people personalizing everything from thermal cups to notepads to phone covers and beyond. I’m here to tell you they are so simple to make. The hardest part is deciding what to create first!

Now, I’m a Cricut girl, but I believe you can use other similar cutting machines. If you don’t have one: what are you waiting for? I know Cricut has been running some great sales on their Explore models since the Cricut Maker came out. Start dropping hints for this great Christmas present idea.

A huge thank you to Krafty Kathy for opening up her craft room to me and exposing me to the Cricut crafting world!

We found a picture online, turned it into a SVG file and uploaded into a Cricut Design Space.

Then we load our material and set our dial to vinyl. This ensures just the top layer is cut, leaving the backing intact.

Watch the magic happen here! Sorry if the video comes out sideways 🤣

It doesn’t even look like it’s cutting, but Kathy helped me make these beautiful vinyl elephant and butterfly decals for my new car!

Here I am weeding the decal. My tribal elephant has a lot of small pieces to remove.

WeedingIt turned out so well that I ended up making even more butterflies to adorn my car. Take a look at this video of them after sticking them on the windows. It was overcast that day, but in the sun this vinyl is holographic and shows off a rainbow of colors.

Since I made this first project with vinyl it has opened a world of possibilities! I’ll be posting some other vinyl projects I’ve made recently as well.

Let me know if you have any questions or requests. I will try to respond as quickly as I can.

Thanks again for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Happy crafting!

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