Ghostly Ghoulish Lollipops


To make these Ghostly Ghoulish Lollipops you will need:
Tissue paper
Googly eyes (optional and adorable)
Glue (to attach googly eyes)

This super easy craft comes together in minutes and makes a spooky good treat!

Cut your tissue paper into quarters and then into circles. Place your lollipop head into the center of the circle and bring the tissue paper down around the lollipop twisting onto the stem. Tie a ribbon to secure. You could finish here or go ahead and glue on some googly eyes to make them super cute!

You could hand them out this way or create a display like mine for kids to grab one for themselves. I just used the foam packing from my new printer as a base and cut it so it would stand evenly. I blew up and printed out clip art of a hunter house and placed it under a layer of tissue paper then wrapped it like a present. I then stuck the ghost lollipops all around the picture and had myself a spooky display.

I used this at the Halloween party I threw at my resort and it was a big hit! Let me know if you try this out in the comments below.

Have a spooktacular crafty day!


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