Child’s Infinity Scarf

As you know I’ve been working on a baby blanket for the majority of this year (taking the entire summer off because I couldn’t bare to pick up a wooly little blanket in the blazing heat). Well, this little baby boy has a big sister who is turning 5 this week and I thought it would be nice to send something for her when I mail the blanket. So this was my project, a one skein infinity scarf for an adorable little girl, made with a veriegated Loops & Threads Impeccable yarn of pink, brown and cream. I modified this adult infinity scarf pattern I found on Pinterest to create this snugly little piece. I used a 6.5mm K hook and made 20 stitches to start and proceeded to double crochet 68 rows, basically until I was almost out of yarn. I left enough yarn to attach the two ends together to become an infinity scarf and wallah, there you have it!


I think it will look much cuter on a sweet little five year old. On me it looks miniature but I think it will look cozy and full on her.

I’m just glad I got to FINISH a project. The baby blanket is coming along quite nicely so keep checking back for more pictures!

Keep it crafty!


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