Craftin’ Down the Highway

Jeff and I went to a wedding in South Carolina this weekend and since it was only about a 7 hour drive we decided to make it a road trip. We saw five (that’s right FIVE) national parks along the way to and from Orlando. One of them, the Castillo de San Marcos, we actually saw twice because I liked it so much on the way up we decided to go by St. Augustine again and spend a little more time there. (So you can even count that as six stops, but still just five parks). The wedding was a wonderful time to see some great friends from college and Jeff and I got to have an adventure together.
So in between hopping out of the car for mini hikes, tours of Spanish, French and English forts and stuffing our faces with pulled pork and fried chicken I got to work on something crafty and very special. One of my best friends I’ve know since I was a kid told me last year that she and her husband were trying to have a second child. They have an absolutely adorable almost five hear old girl who just won’t stop growing and they decided it was time to give her a sibling while they could still play together. Well in January I just got a feeling that she was going to have a baby boy and before she was even pregnant I started crocheting a blue baby blanket. Well, sure enough a few months later she called and told me she was pregnant and a few months after that she told me it was a boy. (Am I clairvoyant, or what?)This was a great project for me while I was still living up north and taking my mom into Manhattan for chemo each week. It gave me something to do while my mom fell asleep during her treatments and also kept me warm in the chilly hospital. The more I crocheted, the more it covered, the warmer I became. Anyway, my mom finished that round of treatment and I got a new job and moved to Florida and became really busy and REALLY hot. I did not want to go anywhere near yarn all summer, especially a blanket made of it. The weather is finally starting to cool off a bit now and this road trip provided the perfect excuse to pick it up again. Good thing too, because this baby is due in December.


What is your favorite craft to take on the road? Leave your answer below to let me know.

Thank you for your interest. I will be posting the details on how to make one for yourself once I complete it. (Tip: I used a single crochet stitch for almost the entire blanket to keep a close weave so little baby fingers won’t get caught.)

I hope you had a happy, safe and crafty holiday weekend! And keep craftin’ on the highway, just make sure you have a designated driver!


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