Christmas Gift: Paracord Dog Collar


For all you dog lovers out there here is a great gift idea for your pet this Christmas.

The paracord dog collar only takes about an hour to make and you can find all of the supplies, including many colors of paracord, at Michael’s.
Jeff and I used this tutorial on YouTube to make collars for Molly and Patti. It was actually Jeff’s idea! I think my crafty side is rubbing off on him.
You will need:
Paracord (1 foot for every inch of collar you are making)
Metal D Ring

Follow the pattern shown in the video. This is a super simple craft and all dogs love getting new collars. Maybe your best friend has a dog ( or cat for that matter) that would like a pretty new collar for Christmas? You could also make your friend a matching bracelet!


<img src="http://

Here’s my little goofball Molly showing off her pretty new collar. Her fur is a bit longer than Patti’s so it’s a little harder to see her collar. She was happy to gaze at the sky to let me snap a picture for you.

You’ve still got time to make one of these and put it under your Christmas tree!

What presents did you hand make this year? Let me know in the comments below!

I’m wishing you all a crafty Christmas! I hope you get to spend it with people you love, eating good food and laughing till your tummy hurts!


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