A Pirate’s Life for Me: Homemade Captain Hook Costume

Since I decided to dress Molly up as Peter Pan for the race I wanted us to coordinate and look like a team. Several people asked why I didn’t choose Tinkerbell. It’s because I don’t like her. I know others do, but here’s what I think. Little girls idolize her but honestly she was very selfish and down right mean. She even had the lost boys shoot Wendy out of the sky! Anyway, I also didn’t want to dress up as a skimpy little fairy. I took another approach. Someone with power and even though he was mean at least didn’t try to hide it.


I took a lot of inspiration from children’s costumes I saw in Pinterest.
I grabbed a red shirt from my drawer, one of those freebee shirts you get with some company’s logo on it that I’ve never worn. I turned it inside out and started gluing gold ribbon to it that I got from Michael’s on sale. I googled Captain Hook and saw some gorgeous costumes that inspired me out of velvet and tassels so I just made a cheaper version because we weren’t going anywhere special we were just going to raise money for the YMCA. I also picked up a foam pirate hat from Michael’s for a few bucks and grabbed a pack of black, white and red feathers to stick in it. I glued the feathers in and folded the hat to shape it the way I wanted and glued that as well. I would say my biggest undertaking was my sad looking wig. I read another pinner’s vague instructions and came up with my own methods as well. Here is a picture of the process and I think it would work well for any yarn wig. I used eleven strands in each bunch just because I though it looked the best and tied them to a single yarn strand that I then tied around my own head. The pinner had said to glue it directly to the hat but I was running out of time and didn’t want to risk having my hair fall out while walking.


The difficult part was trying to curl the wig. I feel like I definitely should have done this before attaching them all together. Try having 10 watery gluey yarn tentacles spiraling out around plastic wrap covered stickball bats, rolling pins and canes in your mother-in-law’s kitchen. I’m so glad no one was home. I made up the ratio of glue to water and think I ended up with too much water. The pinner said to put them in the oven but I was trying to avoid that (I don’t know why because in the end I made a makeshift pan out of tin foil and put them in a 300 degree oven) but I started out using a hair dryer. Big waste of time. Just skip to the oven. Better yet. Make a straight haired wig. The limp curls that I tried to form around the random household objects didn’t hold well when I had to take the yarn off them to fit in the oven. I ended up forming new curls by hand and placing them in sort of curled piles to bake. Just try to keep the strands going in a continuous round and not twisted or overlapped (don’t feel bad if it happens though because it happened to me on like 8 out of 10 sections).
I also decided to sew some tulle around the waste and arms for a little flounce because I think Hook had style and needed a little more than just an old t-shirt with some gold ribbon. And of course we can’t forget the hook. Which I almost did because my husband kept insisting that he had the “real” one that came out after the movie, but guess who never dug it out of his attic for me? So last minute our friend, Dan, stabbed a hole in the bottom of a red solo cup, fashioned a hook out of tin foil and put it through the hole, then covered the cup with more tin foil and there you have it: homemade Captain Hook!


In spite of my attempt at this duo costume many children still exclaimed “Robin Hood!” when they saw Molly. Really!? Oh well, I guess her costume can serve double duty and next year I can be Little John or something like that.

By the way, Jeff took Molly to our local Petco later that day and she won 1st place for Most Bootiful Pet. I am one proud mama!

I’ll try to add links to the pins that inspired me soon.

I believe in total my costume was a little over $10 to create since I bought the hat new and the yarn and ribbon but owned the t-shirt already. Who needs to pay $30-65 for a store bought costume when you can have tons of fun making one yourself. Stay crafty my friends!


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