Second Star to the Right: Peter Pan Inspired Dog Costume


So I am one of those annoying pet parents who likes to dress my dogs up for Halloween. I can’t handle anything scary. Not even commercials for scary movies. I try to stay on the imaginative and creative side of the holiday. And the candy side. Chocolate. So much chocolate.


So Jeff entered Molly and I into a costume contest/2 mile walk coming up in a few weeks. Jeff is doing a like 7 mile run instead so Patti gets to stay home. She does have a light blue t-shirt and blue satin ribbon sash so she can be Wendy for a family portrait. But, when I finished Molly’s costume today I couldn’t help but try it on Patti too! (We immediately had a felt leaf casualty but it was so worth it.)


This is my sweet Patti beginning to “woo” at me. She liked the attention but is definitely not accustomed to wearing any type of clothing other than her collar. Hence the leaf casualty.


Molly is more accustomed to the ritual. For her first Halloween I dressed her as  chicken. She was embarrassed and uncomfortable but also completely adorable. She only wore the chicken costume for about 2 minutes. For this walk, I wanted her to feel comfortable and not constricted. I designed this Peter Pan costume as a sort of cape that ties in the front and then has straps that connect from the side under her belly with Velcro. I used tissue paper to make a pattern and tried it out on her to make sure it would fit. I bought the large square of cheap felt at Michael’s and cut it according to my pattern. I got two lighter colored small squares of green felt and just free-handed some random leaves. I also picked up the sparkly leaves from the floral section. They were on a bunch of branches and I just pulled them off.


I glued basically everything except for the Velcro and the leaf covering the stitches from the Velcro on the underside. Also, for the hat, I didn’t have a needle and thread readily available when I made it a few weeks ago so I just stapled it. Not the wisest choice in the event that Molly decides to make it her newest chew toy so I will probably go ahead and sew that in the next week. It was my first attempt at making a Peter Pan style hat and I think it turned out pretty cute. I just need to figure out how I’m going to convince her to keep the hat one. Some type of elastic or tie is going to be involved but I don’t want it to be uncomfortable either.


I think both of my girls look absolutely adorable as Peter Pan. I mean they are the cutest dogs in the world to begin with so what else did I expect? I have been working on my costume as well. Who will I be? Captain Hook you will see! I’m still working on it, but I can tell you it started out as an old red t-shirt and has become a gold ribbon masterpiece. Not in the sense that it deserves a gold ribbon but because it is now covered in gold ribbon. Stay tuned to see a post about it soon!

Remember to keep it crafty! With a few supplies and a lot of imagination you can do anything!


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