Wedding Details: Firefly Forest Centerpieces

Last July, Jeff and I had a wonderful wedding shared with our closest friends and family. I can’t help but smile when I think about it.  Even though it was just one day, months of planning and crafting went into our beautiful day and I wanted to share one of the most precious projects with you here.

2012-09-14 20.52.282012-09-14 20.52.29

One of my favorite parts of summer is just around dusk when you look out into a field or a forest and start to see little twinkling lights hovering in the night. I wanted the centerpieces to be like a terrarium with a glimpse of a colorful forest floor. My mom and I found these terrific lantern/jars at Target. We bought a few in the store and ordered the rest online here. I bought potting soil, a large roll of moss, purple potpourri (which I had to air out for weeks), small decorated bird’s nests from Michaels, and found assorted pine cones outside.

Fireflies were a theme throughout our wedding from the invitations to the centerpieces. I wanted to have fireflies not only in the jar, but also flying up out of it. I found these battery powered LED warm white lights from SaveonCrafts.com that look like little fireflies. Fireflies feel like the epitome of summer to me, so what better symbol for our July evening wedding. We experimented with how to hide the battery pack and ended up putting them inside cream cheese containers surrounded by potting soil and covered by moss then we put the pine cones, potpourri and birds nests on top.

Here was the first prototype my mom, Savvy and I dreamed up and that all of our centerpieces were modeled after.


When we went to the venue several months before the wedding, we took one of the centerpieces to see how they would look on the tables and decided to add a little extra around them to fill in more space on the tables. My dad and I went into the backyard and started collecting vines. While we were outside we made the wreaths as the sun went down. Later my now mother-in-law came over and we decorated these wreaths with moss, ribbon and pine cones. I put one of the wreaths from our centerpieces on the front door of our first apartment.


I made up kits for the centerpieces months ahead of time and my family helped me assemble the centerpieces the day before the rehearsal. I also kept the original boxes the jars were delivered in, styrofoam and all, to transport them to the wedding site.

centerpiece kits

I also bought wooden ovals with wooden numbers to make the table numbers, and made a special one for the head table.

2012-09-14 20.52.30-5

I chose navy blue table cloths with purple napkins, placed the jar inside of the wreath in the center of the tables and leaned an oval against each so guests would know which table to go to.

2012-09-14 20.52.53-5

I love this shot that Christina from Zen Photography took of our wedding rings inside of one of our centerpieces on our wedding day.

2012-07-06 15.13.45

It was a perfect summer day, even though it was 90+ degrees outside.

2012-09-14 20.53.28-6

If you are planning a wedding don’t forget who matters most, enjoy every second, and know the best is yet to come.

Thanks to Zen Photography for the gorgeous pictures!

And we lived craftily ever after.


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