Mother’s Day Memories

My brother put together a sweet slideshow for my rehearsal dinner containing pictures of mine and Jeff’s childhood and life together so far. You can see my childhood here. I posted it online so my mom could see it, but I wanted to make one that was less about me, and more about my whole family.

I used Windows Live Movie Maker which was already on my computer.

mother's day slide show

Here is a screenshot of the process. I had never used the program before and found it to be very user-friendly with easy to find icons and simple processes for adding pictures (drag and drop) and music (click where you want it to start and and then click the musical note stating “add music” then just find the song on your computer). Luckily I already had all of these pictures on my computer, from when I scanned them for hours from our old paper albums for my wedding. It was so worth it. I love looking at the pictures of my brothers and aunts and friends. I love that these pictures can be shared with family and friends that may never have the chance to visit my parents’ basement (where the original copies are kept).

Here is the link to Mother’s Day Memories. It is kind of long (almost 11 minutes), but I put a silly song at the end that you will hopefully enjoy.

I just picked songs I liked and had on my computer. By the way, I get almost all of my music for free from the library. If you haven’t tried this out yet, I highly recommend it. I started getting CD’s from my local library when I was in high school and have been introduced to artists I never would have thought to purchase before and it turns out that I love them now.

As always, keep it crafty.


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