Wedding Details: Thumbprint Tree

My wedding was full of DIY  details but this one was particularly special to me. I want to give a special thank you to my dad for drawing our beautiful “guest book” Thumbprint Tree inspired by this adorable trend floating around Pinterest and Etsy. (Check out this adorable thumbprint firefly alternative that is also cute.)

I went to Michael’s and bought a nice sheet of heavy watercolor paper, an archival ink pen, a green washable stamp pad and a beautiful frame. I printed out several pictures of thumbprint trees for my dad and sent him this link for inspiration.

This is what he came up with!

Mann - Zajac Wedding Gallery-178*

I love the detail of our initials in the trunk of the tree.

Mann - Zajac Wedding Gallery-177*

Are you planning to have a Thumbprint Tree at your wedding, baby shower, or birthday party? Will you be drawing one of your own or enlisting the help of a friend? There are also plenty of etsy stores selling hand drawn trees that would be special as well.

Practical Tip: Consider providing wipes to wash the ink off guests fingers quickly and easily. Also, place your paper inside the frame before the event so your guests know the parameters of the design so their thumbprint are sure to be seen, and so that they realize this isn’t just a guestbook but a piece of art. You can also provide a small notebook for guests who would like to write something more. (I got mine from Target, but you could also get one from this cute etsy shop Jungae.)

Things have been busy around here, so Jeff and I haven’t hung our tree up over our bed where I want it yet. Instead we have it sitting on our desk so that we can see it every day to remind us of all of the beautiful people in our lives who were there to support us on our special day.

thumbprint tree

I am so blessed to have so many talented friends and family members that helped out with several different projects for my wedding. If you want to see more DIY projects from my wedding, check out my previous post about the Ring Bearer Bird’s Nest and Flower Girl Basket I made.

*These terrific photos were taken by the amazing Christina of Zen Photography. Check out more from our wedding day here.

Be crafty. Be happy.


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