Pinterest Recipe: Banana Oat Cookies

So, I am slightly addicted to Pinterest. I don’t know about you, but some of my boards are merely for dreaming. Like my “Adorable Things” board. I know I will never own a baby elephant (but my husband is a zoo keeper so I probably have a better shot than most). I can just look at all of these little cuties when I’m missing myown little monkeys Molly and Patton.

44864_426819814349_508789349_4662360_7986418_n Feel free to ooh and ah and sigh and wine, because yes, they are the most adorable dogs ever.

My “For the Home” board is filled with gorgeous kitchens, beautifulĀ  outdoor seating areas with twinkle lights, and luxury guest rooms. These things are not going to appear in my one bedroom apartment and yet I still dream. (Just so you know, probably half of this board is pinned from West Elm. I just want everything from that store.)

I also have a “My Wedding” board that consists of a mixture of true wedding details and fanciful ideas that inspired other projects and the overall theme of my wedding.

Now, my “Recipes” board is different from all of the others because these pins are all possible, even in my little apartment.

So, all of that being said, here is my latest Pinterest Recipe: Banana Oat Cookies.

What you need:

2 Ripe Bananas

1 Cup of Oats

umm… that’s it. Yep, those two ingredients will get you a tasty little cookie. I even used old frozen bananas because that’s what I had around.

Of course, feel free to add additional mix-ins. I chose to add a bit of cinnamon and think I might try pumpkin pie spice next time. You can also add chocolate chips, or walnuts, or raisins. I even made a few with coconut sprinkled on top. Just mash up the banana and stir in the oats and whatever else you want.

Spoon them out on a GREASED (that is really important) baking sheet and kind of flatten them out. Bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes.

Ta da!


The consistency is sort of like a soft, chewy granola bar. I may try baking them for longer since the picture from The Burlap Bag showed them a bit darker after cooking. I got 12 medium sized cookies out of this recipe, even though it was supposed to yield 16. (Those must have been some tiny cookies.) I enjoyed the coconut topped cookies and actually thought the semi-sweet chocolate chips were a bit overpowering. I also tried one with peanut butter on it. That was delicious.


My mother-in-law even suggested making them into sandwich cookies with peanut butter in the middle.

These are tasty by themselves as well. Jeff’s mom and I made a smaller batch last night (1 banana and a half cup of oats with cinnamon and crushed walnuts on top) and I had one cookie for breakfast. It was actually pretty filling and so that’s why I made more to eat for a post work out snack and for breakfast tomorrow. Even though they look like cookies and are sweet from the banana, I also think of them as portable oatmeal.

This is a super quick and easy recipe and I’ve already made them twice. This will definitely be a go to recipe for me. I wouldn’t mind my future kids growing up thinking that these are what cookies are. Who knows, I might make them for PTA meetings and what not.

Just remember to have fun and keep it crafty.




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