Super Bowl Chili

I’m with my in-laws for the big game today and of course there is a ton of delicious food. I am in charge of the chili. Nothing says the Super Bowl more than meat and beans in that delicious soupy sauce served over rice. My parents used to have a Super Bowl party every year when I was a kid. I never watched a single game (me and the other kids always spent the whole night sledding down the gully behind our house) but I definitely partook in the festive fare. My Auntie Brenda always made jiggly jello helmets and footballs, there was usually a vegetable platter for those pretending to be healthy and my mom made the chili.
So, now the torch is passed and I am making chili for my in-laws. My biggest challenge was that I didn’t buy the McCormick seasoning packet and I had to use actual spices that I sort of threw in willy-nilly. I also got fancy and used three types of beans (black, red, and white), two onions, a red pepper and some minced garlic. To top it all off: I used three pounds of ground beef.


Oh yeah.

I made it all on the stove top and then transferred it into the crock pot to simmer for several hours, because if you know anything about chili, it just gets better with time.

Here’s what you need:

Ground hamburger (I used 3 pounds this time, but I’ve also made it with just 1 pound, and I’ve even made it with ground turkey before)

Beans (I used 3 cans of bean, but again I’ve previously only used one. I will say the mixture of the three types of beans made the chili more colorful to look at and had a great flavor. This was the first time I have used black beans and I really liked how it turned out.)

Onion (I chopped 2 medium onions for this batch.)

Green Pepper (I actually used a red pepper this time.)

Minced Garlic

A can of diced tomatoes (I used the kind with green chilies for extra flavor.)



Chili Powder (I used at least 1/4 cup in this big batch.)

Crushed Red Pepper

White rice

What you do:

Brown your hamburger in a big skillet, then drain the fat. In a big pot combine hamburger, however many cans of beans you want, chopped onion, chopped pepper, minced garlic and can of diced tomatoes. Add spices to taste. Stir it all together until it gets hot and bubbly, then simmer for a few hours or eat right away.  Serve it over white rice. Garnish with cheese, sour cream, tortilla chips, or whatever you want.

My big batch of chili fed four hungry football pigger-outers with enough for me to bring for lunch the next day, for us to have for dinner again the next night, and we still have more in the fridge. So it makes a lot. This is also a great crock pot recipe. Brown your hamburger ahead of time and then dump all of the ingredients in your crock pot in the morning before work or church and it’s perfectly ready and delicious when you get home.

Did I mention it’s delicious and super easy? Please, let me know if you try it.

Keep it crafty!


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