Christmas Wrapping: Felt Accents

On Friday, we had a Secret Santa party at work. I got one of my bosses and at first didn’t know what I was going to do. I remembered she was in a book club and enjoyed reading, so I decided to get her one of my favorite books. If you haven’t read Water for Elephants I highly recommend it. We had a small budget and since we also only had a short amount of time to buy the gifts I had to get it from Barnes and Noble and used up my whole budget. I wanted it to feel special, but my boss also happens to be Jewish, so I didn’t feel like adding an ornament to the gift wrapping would be appropriate. So, I got out my sparkly white tissue paper, and used about three sheets to make it so she couldn’t read the title through the paper. I had some pretty ribbon left over from the groomsmen boutonnieres from my wedding. And I had some left over red felt from when I made those cute fall leaves.

So all did was tie the ribbon around the present and tape on two cute felt mittens I cut out. I figured mittens were safe and wintery.

Beth's present

Doesn’t it look festive?

Yesterday, I decided to make a few felt ornaments for my neighbors upstairs who also happen to be our land lords. They are so sweet to us, and even give us dozens of free eggs from their chickens.

I used the same cookie cutters from my clay gingerbread ornaments to trace onto the felt and my Merry Christmas fabric that I picked up from the Walmart remnants bin for $2.

ornament glue

Next, I used some red ribbon and hot glue to turn them into ornaments. I also had some cute white snow flakes to add to my larger ornament.

finished felt ornaments

I put them in a little gift box with some cute tissue paper I got a present in last week and walked them right upstairs. My neighbor put them right on her tree!

I think these would make cute gift wrapping accents. They took me only about a half hour from the tracing, to the cutting, to the gluing.

Feel free to whip a few of these up as you finish wrapping all your presents today!

Have a very crafty Christmas!


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