Gingerbread Ornaments

Few things say Christmas better than gingerbread cookies.

With a bit of Sculpey clay and some cute Christmas cookie cutters, I made sweet stocking stuffers for my family. (If you are related to me, I’m sorry to ruin the surprise.) Maybe you want to try this for your co-workers or neighbors. You can make a set, or use one to dress up a present. My set of holiday cookie cutters had about 20 designs to choose from, so I picked out four classic shapes for my ornaments.

Gingerbread Ornaments

After a squished the clay around in my hands for a minute or two, I rolled out the clay between two sheets of wax paper. Next I fit all four cookie cutters on my clay and cut them out.

cut out ornaments

I took the excess clay and re-rolled it out until I had used it all.


dove cookie cutter



ornament making

I used a nail to create a hole for the ribbon. You will need to poke through from both sides in order to make sure the hole is the same width all the way through. (I actually picked out a red cord that was a little thicker and ended up using the tip of a retractable ball point pen to make a larger opening.)

nail holes

I preheated my oven to 275 degrees and I placed each cut out on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet.

cookie sheet uncooked


I baked them for 15 minutes then checked them and then baked them for an additional 2 minutes. This clay is non-toxic, but it still releases some icky fumes so you might want to turn on your vent fan and crack a window.

cooked ornaments

Once I took them out I let them cool over night. (I’m not saying that you have to let them cool that long, it was just almost midnight and I needed sleep.) The next day, I cut the red cord, strung it through the “cookies” and tied a knot.
I didn’t have quite enough of the red cord and found little scraps of ribbon but still didn’t have enough. Good thing there are still 14 more days until Christmas. Here are is what I accomplished.

ornament sets

I baked some inedible Christmas cookies to share with my family so that hopefully they will be able to enjoy them for years to come.

Only 2 weeks ’till Christmas! Happy crafting!




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