Deck the Halls (Part 2)

Here is the big reveal of our little Christmas tree.

My brother, from over at Ducky’s Adventures, calls her Tea Pot the Christmas Tree (because she’s short and stout).

Christmas Tree

I grew up with white lights, and Jeff grew up with colored lights, so we got both. And my mom gave me her original red beaded garland with adorable little red beaded hearts which adds such a homey touch. Also, that shoe box of ornaments my mom set aside for me, plus the few I bought this year (including on our Disneymoon), actually filled up our small tree quite well. We also used candy canes and the adorable tree skirt my mom got for us at The Christmas Tree Shop for $3.99!

Here are a few close ups of our sweet little Christmas tree.

doggy ornament

I got this cute doggy ornament at Kohls which was on their early bird special last Saturday, plus I had a 25% off coupon, yay!

Happily Ever After

Jeff and I picked this up on our Disneymoon. If you can’t read it, it says “Happily Ever After!” How sweet is it for our first Christmas as husband and wife?

foxy loxy

I call this little lady Foxy Loxy. She is part of a beautiful collection of animal themed bottle brush ornaments by West Elm. I got them all except for the polar bear because I thought they were perfect for us, being that Jeff is a zoo keeper at a zoo for animals indigenous to New York State. I had to get the penguin though because penguins are his favorite animal.

And I know you are thinking, “your tree doesn’t look that small” well, I will prove it (although I sort of want to keep up the illusion).

Here I am decorating Tea Pot.

me decorating the tree

And no, our apartment is not large enough for me to be standing a mile in front of it. I am directly beside that sweet little tree. And I love every inch of her: all 60 of them (including that strange long branch poking out of the top).


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