Sweet Girl Snowman

I’d like to introduce to you the newest member of the snowman family.

Isn’t she sweet?


Remember a few weeks ago I told you I was working on these cute little snowmen for my mom’s good friend’s grandkids? Well, finally I’ve made the 4th and final one, now I just need to add eyes and sweet little carrot noses on all of them.

I thought they would make adorable ornaments, too. Just look at her in the Christmas tree.


If you missed my previous Snowmen post please check it out to see my other three hand-made snowmen Christmas gifts. Also, please visit the link to the Lion Brand Christmas mouse pattern I based my snowmen off of to create your own. Just remember that I skipped all even rows on the hat to give it this shorter look.

I helped my mom do a little decorating around the house today and even put the garland and a few ornaments on the tree. Last year when we were packing away all of the Christmas decorations my mom set aside a shoe box full of ornaments that I have collected over the years and a few of her own she passed down to me for Jeff and I to have on our first Christmas and to build upon in years to come. I am so looking forward to getting our first tree together this week. My mom even bought me a sweet little tree skirt to go under it and my dad lent us their old tree stand since they’ve got a pre-lit tree now that came with it’s own base.

I’ll make sure to post a picture (or 2,000) of Jeff and I decorating our little apartment, and maybe one of Molly in her adorable Christmas Sweater. For now I’ll leave you with this picture of the decorating we did today. Next week we will start to fill the tree with all of the homy ornaments we’ve collected through the years, these are just the basics. Always the white lights, next the burgundy beaded garland (my mom actually gave me her original one for Jeff and I to use on our tree!), the snowflake ornaments, the brass instruments, and then the glass icicles. It is so pretty just like this, but it will feel so much more like home when we add all of the other ornaments with it soon.


Happy Holidays. May you be filled with hope this Christmas season.

To have the talents and thoughtfulness to craft is a gift in itself. Be blessed.


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