PaperCuttlefish Cuteness

I have been busy lately and haven’t been crafting as much as I’d like to and have been blogging about it even less. So, I thought I’d spread the word about some crafty friends of mine starting with my great friend Savvy. She taught me how to crochet in the round, she was one of my bridesmaids and is a fantastic artist and all-around crafter. She came up with the most adorable amigurumi patterns for the  Avengers crew. Savvy is being awesome, as usual, living out a dream across the world in Japan where she gets to teach little children English. As you can imagine she is quite busy with that and so she has only been releasing a few of her patterns at a time. It is my pleasure to introduce you to Loki, Captain America and Merida (I know she’s not an Avenger, but she is pretty freaking adorable) at etsy.com/shop/papercuttlefish.com
Just take a look at Loki. Can you resist his adorableness? Did you know you can make one of your very own?

Loki Amigurumi by PaperCuttlefish
Loki Amigurumi by PaperCuttlefish

Savvy created these great, easy to follow patterns and put them up for sale on her Etsy Shop PaperCuttlefish. I love all of the detail she put into each and every character from their clothing, to the Avenger’s removable helmets, to the hair.

Did I mention the hair?

This fiery redhead wants to be your new friend!
This fiery redhead wants to be your new friend!

Her PDF directions include photographs and links for extra help, plus each pattern is only $7.

Detailed instructions to make this adorable captain
Detailed instructions to make this adorable captain

Do you have a nephew or little brother who is crazy over super heroes? Maybe your sister has a total crush on Captain America? Wouldn’t they love to unwrap one of these adorable plush dolls on their birthday or on Christmas morning? And it’s all the more special because it will be hand made by you. It’s only December 2nd, the perfect time to start a great little project for the holidays. You could even make two and keep one for yourself because once you see them in person you won’t want to give them up.

The thing I love most about creating something for someone else is knowing they are truly loved. Everything I make has a piece of me in it, and whenever they touch it or look at it, maybe they think of me and smile because they know I love them. Create a memory by handcrafting a gift for a loved one this Christmas. Happy Holidays everyone from here to Japan and everywhere in between!


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