I am working on some little Christmas gifts for one of my mom’s best friends. See, she has 4 adorable grand kids. One Christmas I made them all winter hats. For Easter, I made them little chicks. Now I am making sweet little snowmen complete with hats and scarves. I realize yesterday was Halloween, but I’ve already been listening to Christmas music all week. I am just so excited for this holiday season!

For the snowmen, I am adapting a pattern for a sweet little Christmas mouse available for free on Lion Brand’s website.

I am making the body of the mouse and the scarf as usual, but I shortened the hat by only crocheting the odd rows. Also, since they are snowmen, I don’t need to make arms or a tail. It saves me time since I need to make 4 of them. I still need to stitch a little carrot for a nose, but I left my orange yarn at my parent’s house. I have almost finished 3 snowmen, each with different colored accessories. I am just deciding what my last color should be out of yarn I already own. I started crocheting the last snowman’s hat out of a green yarn I have, but the weight is a bit thicker and it was coming out almost twice as large as the other 3 hats.

I have made 4 little snowmen bodies, but I will just show you the ones that have their hats and scarves. Also, I always have difficulty placing the eyes. My mom told me the eyes are too far apart on the one with the blue accessories, but the one in red I somehow made the eyes to large with the same amount of stitches. I have yet to place eyes on my burgundy guy.

Take a look at these little guys.

Crocheted Snowmen

Any advice? Please leave it in the comments section. I would really appreciate it.

Remember to keep crafting!


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