Blues Brothers Flash Mob

So, my sister in law sent me a video of a flash mob which turns into a wedding and was totally like “wedding idea!” At first it seemed really fun, but later came to the conclusion that, in fact, I actually don’t want complete strangers at my wedding. So, I thought maybe instead I could choreograph a dance to have spontaneously erupt at my own private wedding by my friends and family! My fiance and I love the Blues Brothers and all along I had been planning to use their music somehow in the wedding reception but just didn’t know how. So, I was thinking today about having to the song “Everybody Needs Somebody To Love” to be performed by my fiance and his best man as we welcome everyone to the reception (maybe with some backup dancers) and then maybe later on we can all perform a rehearsed¬† dance to “Shake Your Tailfeather!” Well, it is just in the idea stages right now, but I am pretty excited about it so far. To get you in the spirit too, I’m posting this video from the movie in which there really is a fun flash mob that happens. (This is kind of the norm for musicals. Ah, how I love musicals.)


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