Tutus: Finally!

So about a month or so ago, I finally decided to attempt to make tutus. I went to Jo-Ann Fabric and bought some tulle. I have 2 little cousins and I think these will make good Christmas presents. I watched this video and looked on a few other blogs to see how to make them.

Mine turned out like this.

Thea's tutu (It's purple and white cause she is so over pink)
Ainsleigh's tutu- pink and white

Thea’s was the first one I made and I bought elastic and sewed it in a loop, but I was unsure of her size.

Sewing the elastic

For Ainsleigh’s I used a head band which I think worked even better. (Scroll down for next picture to see what I’m talking about.)

I used scissors, a measuring tape, 3 yards of pink/purple tulle each, 1 yard of white tulle each and a headband to make the tutu itself, then I added little embellishments which I can show you in a bit.

My tools

I folded the tulle and then rolled it.

Rolling the tulle

Then I measured 3 inches and cut. I did this every 3 inches down the whole roll.

Cutting the strips

I cut it all until I ended up with these.

3 inch tulle rolls

Then I unrolled them and cut them in half to make strips. For Thea’s I just unrolled them to leave them longer, but ended up having to cut them at the end to make them a bit shorter.

Cutting rolls into strips

I did this with my pink and white tulle until I had all of this.

Tulle strips

Then I put the elastic headband around a roll of paper towels to begin tying the tulle strips on.

Paper towel roll with headband

I then began tying the tulle strips on to the elastic. I have a picture here that is a bit blurry from when I made Thea’s tutu but you can see I just basically folded the strip in half, tucked the loop side under the elastic and then pulled the rest of the tulle through, securing it in place.

Tying on the tulle

I tried out a few different patterns of white and purple/pink and ended up with 2 purple and 1 white for Thea’s and then 3 pink then 1 white for Ainsleigh’s. I also triple layered Ainsleigh’s, using 3 tulle strips for each knot, making it fuller.

Thea's Pattern- 2 purple, 1 white repeating
Ainsleigh's Pattern- 3 pink, 1 white repeating

Once I finished making the tutus themselves, I chose to add little embellishments because I thought they looked a bit plain on their own.

Plain tutus

I chose purple flower buttons for Thea’s and mirror jewel buttons for Ainsleigh’s.

I sewed the purple flowers on at different heights around the skirt so they didn’t look too formal.

Purple flower button

I sewed them all around the skirt.

"randomly spaced" flowers

For Ainsleigh’s tutu I used these.

Mirror jewel buttons

I sewed them on in a similar pattern, spaced evenly around the skirt.

Mirror Jewels sewed onto the tutu

So I finally did it. I finally made the tutus I had been yearning to make for months now. They didn’t take long, maybe a few hours and were lots of fun. If you don’t want to put any embellishments on them they don’t require any sewing. I bet you could use a hot glue gun too if that would be easier for adding little buttons or jewels.

Finished tutus!

I hope you are inspired to create something for yourself or a loved one and enjoy life to the fullest today!

Thanks for reading!

-Crafty Cara


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