Busy? Color!

March 1, 2010

Things have been busy for me interning at Allosaurus Publishers. We had the North Carolina Council for the Social Studies 40th Annual conference last Thursday and Friday, and we finished 2 books today (which will be published with my name in them!!!). Also, I finished my essays and sent in my internship application to Monticello today so now I can finally relax and be excited about going to Disney World and Universal Studios all next week! I better do my laundry and start packing….

The craftiness will continue I promise.

Something I absolutely love to do is color.  I know it seems really childish but it is actually really fun.

Go buy yourself a box of crayons


and a cute coloring book,

Elephant coloring book page

or just print out some pages from your computer.

When you are all finished hang them up in a frame or place them prominently on your refrigerator door.

I colored this with friends and it is now hanging on my fridge.

Now go color something (preferably something that you own so you won’t get in trouble) and have fun!

~Crafty Cara~


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