Busy? Color!

Things have been busy for me interning at Allosaurus Publishers. We had the North Carolina Council for the Social Studies 40th Annual conference last Thursday and Friday, and we finished 2 books today (which will be published with my name in them!!!). Also, I finished my essays and sent in my internship application to Monticello today so now I can finally relax and be excited about going to Disney World and Universal Studios all next week! I better do my laundry and start packing….

The craftiness will continue I promise.

Something I absolutely love to do is color.  I know it seems really childish but it is actually really fun.

Go buy yourself a box of crayons


and a cute coloring book,

Elephant coloring book page

or just print out some pages from your computer.

When you are all finished hang them up in a frame or place them prominently on your refrigerator door.

I colored this with friends and it is now hanging on my fridge.

Now go color something (preferably something that you own so you won’t get in trouble) and have fun!

~Crafty Cara~


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